Record Review: Empire of the Sun

EOFS - Ice on the duneIce on the Dune   1.5/5

Empire of the Sun made a splash in 2008 on the back of their breezy, escapist pop single “Walking on a Dream” introducing the duo’s larger-than-life glam rock persona and campy new wave pop to many. Despite their initial success, five years on little had been heard from the duo.

For Ice on the Dune, the duo’s second album, Luke Steele and Nick Littlemore gave the record a back story, arguably to drum up more interest in their return. The short handed version of their story sees Earth as a peaceful place with her balance kept in check by Emperor (Steele) and Prophet (Littlemore) aided by their four animal priests, the balance is upset by their foe the King of Shadows… essentially the Emperor and Prophet must restore the balance. Continue reading