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Instagram, like any social media has it’s stars, including musicians who can manage more than a selfie. Here are just a few of the musicians worth watching on instagram.

Solange Knowles

Solange Knowles   @saintrecords

Knowles’ colourful, sunkissed ‘grams are a welcome escaped. Her vibrant wardrobe and well-traveled life from Hong Kong to Palm Springs with her son Juelz, it’s a refreshing break from ‘gramming latte art and food porn. Now if only we could hear that new album already!

Natalie Imbruglia 2

Natalie Imbruglia   @natalie_imbruglia

For many Imbruglia hasn’t been heard from since the ’98 smash single “Torn” but several hit records and a return to acting, including her stage debut in Things We Do For Love Imbruglia hasn’t gone far. Refreshingly down-to-earth and silly Imbruglia is enjoyable to follow for the simple pleasures of her scenic photos and ‘grams of her beloved pup Mr. Wilson. Not to mention palling around with the likes of former supermodel and fellow goofball Rachel Hunter (@rachelhunterx).


Questlove   @questlove

The Roots drummer and musical director of The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, seemingly never sleeps. Questlove’s behind-the-scenes ‘grams show off his sense of humour and playful side from his travels to DJ gigs. The hard working musician always has time for a good ‘gram and a little wit.

Kathleen Edwards

Kathleen Edwards   @kittythefool

The singer-songwriter’s humour, love of pets (yes, she loves a good cat/dog ‘gram) and downright every-girl appeal make her a loveable follow. When she’s not ‘gramming her beloved pets Edward’s, a coffee lover, offers shout outs to indie roasters like Toronto’s @pilotcoffee. A woman with a sense of humour and a caffeine addiction, what’s not to love?

Ed Droste

Ed Droste   @edroste

The Grizzly Bears vocalist is an avid traveler – his bio even states as much – offering up scenic locales of his recent and past travels. Droste’s eye for making the most mundane of cityscapes look beautiful (downtown Los Angeles as seen above) is a skill unto itself.

Jake Shears

Jake Shears   @jakeshears

The Scissor Sisters front-man is the definition of man candy, from shots in bed with his dog to skimpy swimwear, Shears is shameless, in the best way possible. ‘Grams of his celebrity musician pals from Kylie Minogue to Adam Lambert and throwback photos of his younger awkward, scrawny self round out Shears’ Instagram.

Kim Gordon

Kim Gordon   @kimletgordon

Life pre- and post-Sonic Youth can be found here. Gordon’s throwbacks are among the best on the social platform, even better however, may be her captions of clothes strewn across the floor. ‘Gramming her inspirations and hang outs with celebs like Pharrell, Gordon is an interesting person to follow.

a l l i e

a l l i e   @alliemoves

The up and coming Toronto-based vocalist’s instagram is an invite into her inner circle on her slow but sure accent as a recognized name in music. Glimpsing behind-the-scenes of her recording with collaborators like 2nd Son to ‘grams of friends and playful adventures around Toronto, a l l i e’s spirit comes through in every ‘gram shared.

Albert Hammond Jr.

Albert Hammond Jr.   @alberthammondjr.

Setlist to shenanigans, live shots to a collage of Leonardo Dicaprio crying, Hammond’s Instagram is a mix of just about everything. It’s the rock ‘n roll lifestyle through the eyes of The Strokes’ guitarist.

Maylee Todd

Maylee Todd   @mayleetodd

Todd’s amazing hairstyle, a colourful buzz cut, alone is worth the follow. The sheer delight lies in the unknown, with Todd ‘gramming whatever tickles her fancy. It will keep you guessing and coming back for more.

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