ginger and the ghost

Australian Alt-pop duo Ginger & the Ghost @ El Macambo 

Artist: Ginger & The Ghost

Where: El Macambo (Upstairs)

From: Sydney, Australia

Live: If great pop music was on the itinerary during Canadian Music Week then we’ve found it. Australian duo Ginger & the Ghost offered both the flash and the substance to grab our attention and hold it. Their quirky, layered pop was an unexpected yet wildly fun discovery during what started out as an unscheduled stop at El Macambo. Reverbed vocals, tribal beats and facial warpaint all feel rooted and sane in Ginger & the Ghost’s world. (Not that we’re judging or anything.)

We caught up with the friendly Aussies who explained they recorded much of the upcoming album in an unusual location… “Both of us have been recording our album for the past couple years. We’ve done it sort of backwards, so we’ve written spontaneously in a studio that was an old water tank.” They may not know what to call their eclectic sound but they easily offered up labels they’ve been given saying; “We’ve been called “Gypsy Pop”, we’ve had people call it “Kate Bush-isms,” you can make something up. The most creative thing we can call it is alt-pop but if you like a bit of spice in your pop music, check out Ginger & the Ghost

Where Next: The band has currently been making the rounds from SXSW to CMW to NYC.

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