Earbuds 1This week The Knocks aim for a summer “Classic,” Jenny Lewis and Spoon return with their new polished efforts and Annabel Jones resurfaces with more textured pop.

The Knocks“Classic (featuring POWERS)”

Dance duo, The Knocks have been around for a hot minute touring, remixing and creating delicious dance-pop confections. A late summer entry, for the “Song of Summer,” “Classic” offers bright, slick guitars and buoyant keys awfully close to the Len’s late ’90s summer staple “Steal My Sunshine.” Conjuring up timeless summer euphoria, “Classic” has all the potential of a late summer pop surge.

Ryn Weaver“Promises”

If “Octahate” thrust Ryn Weaver from oblivion into the stratosphere of pop consciousness over night then “Promises” makes a case for Weaver’s longevity. The boundless, programmed pop with its crusading chorus make for a compelling pop single.  “Promises,” title track off Weaver’s upcoming EP, lives up to its irresistible predecessor.

Wildcat! Wildcat! “Circuit Breaker”

L.A. trio Wildcat! Wildcat! cry to the empty heavens “Is there anybody out there?” on their post apocalyptic single “Circuit Breaker.” The synthesized keys, and sonic pulse drive the dance-rock single, the strongest track off their debut album, No Moon At All.

Annabel Jones“Magnetic”

Her former outfit, Bluebell may have parted ways but Annabell Jones (daughter of the late Davy Jones) is still producing stark stunners in her latest “Magnetic.” Recalling Frou Frou’s Details, the textured electro-pop of “Magnetic” is Jones’ most compelling single yet.

Jenny Lewis“Head Underwater”

“Head Underwater” comes from Lewis’ latest effort, The Voyager, her most polished solo album recalls her now defunct former band, Rilo Kiley’s swan song, Under the Blacklight. “I don’t wanna bore you with how I feel,” sings a sweetly melancholy Lewis, over shimmering California-pop.

Spoon“New York Kiss”

Not since 2007’s Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga, have Spoon sounded so tight, the full package. The synth-laden dance-rock “New York Kiss,” may close out They Want Your Soul with rattling guitars and haunting marimbas, but it’s their catchiest song yet.

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