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This week Brooklyn foursome HAERTS preview their first single from their debut album, Robyn and Jesse Ware bask in disco-infused grooves and TV On The Radio announce their fifth studio album with a new single.

YelleComplètement Fou

Quirky French trio Yelle are known for their peculiar take on electro-pop, so teaming with Dr. Luke (Kesha, Katy Perry), wouldn’t be considered likely, but the collaboration pays off in spades. The trio’s third LP, produced by Dr. Luke, includes the monster anthem “Complètement Fou,”  It’s an unlikely club track, translated to English means “completely crazy,” its appropriate since you’d never guess Yelle for a dancefloor groove.


Brooklyn’s HAERTS premiered the lead single from their forthcoming debut disc, “Giving Up” is a pop song pushing for a mightier sound. The quartet’s latest track offers breezy synth, and a chorus that reaches the stratosphere, its ambitious scope departs from the more conservative pop of HAERTS early singles.

RobynTell You (Today)

Robyn does Arthur Russell’s “Tell You (Today)” justice. The bouncy jam is Robyn’s moment to revel in disco and horns fit for a big band. Part of the tribute album Master Mix: Red Hot + Arthur Russell, the songs second half blooms with a jaunty groove.

Jesse WareWant Your Feeling

Working with Dev Haynes (Blood Orange), Ware’s lush vocals fit the sultry number. Its an irresistible disco-infused track off the singer’s upcoming sophomore album, Tough Love.

TV On The RadioHappy Idiot

“Happy Idiot” is no slouch, full of gittery guitars, its a chilly new-wave number and the lead single off the veteran rockers’ fifth studio album, Seeds, out November 18th.

Porter RobinsonDivinity (feat. Amy Millan)

Porter Robinson’s debut Worlds delivers some of the most exciting EDM of the year, including the soaring “Divinity,” a jubilant pop song sweetened with Stars frontwoman Amy Millan’s ethereal vocals.


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