Toronto-based singer-songwriter Ngoni steps up to the mic on his debut EP, You Kill Slowly.

Following a series of dead ends working within the music industry as a songwriter alongside producers like Marcus Kane (Kreesha Turner, Melanie Fiona), Ngoni decided it was time to venture out into music as a solo artist.

You Kill Slowly, Ngoni’s debut, finds harmony in it’s ‘60’s R&B/pop, dark imagery and heartfelt lyrics as on the standout title track. Elsewhere Ngoni’s promise both as a songwriter and singer shine through on the moody, James Bond swagger of “Mountains.”

Not without it’s missteps, You Kill Slowly’s more upbeat affair, like the awkward Soft Cell-esque “Perfect Lover,” fails to connect, if only for the lack of conviction in Ngoni’s vocals. Throughout much of the 6 track EP Ngoni’s vocals fall into a similar range, that feels limited over time.

You Kill Slowly is a solid collection of songs for any debut, offering up a soulful EP that recalls Dionne Warwick, Etta James and 60s Brit pop. It’s an EP worth exploring further.

SV Rating: 3/5

Listen to Ngoni’s EP exclusively here.

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