promisesPromises  4 /5

Ryn Weaver emerged with the barnstormer “Octahate,” the immediately addictive synthpop standout. Her debut Promises EP, suggests Weaver is no fluke.

An entirely overnight success, a mere 8 weeks ago, thanks to the flirtatious and sweeping “Octahate.” A striking song, produced by Benny Blanco, Cashmere Cat and Passion Pit’s Michael Angelakos and co-written by Weaver and Charli XCX (mastermind behind the summer anthem “Fancy.”) was uploaded to SoundCloud and some 1 million plus listens later a pop star was born. It may have been hard to believe, and left many doubts about Weavers true origins but the Promises EP, Ryn Weaver’s debut puts it all to rest.

Weaver applies that same playful lean and glorious sweep of “Octahate” to various disposition, from the solemn build-up on the ballad “Sail On,’ to the atmospheric self-destruction of its titular track and twinkle of “Stay Low”. Promises is an impressively sleek, effortless introduction, making any doubt about Weaver seem utterly foolish.

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