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After bursting onto the scene in 2012 with there single “Come Save Me” which earned the Australian duo, a spot on our Artists to Watch 2012 list, Jagwar Ma return with “The Throw.”

The duo made up of, Jono Ma and Gabriel Winterfield, continue to push the boundaries as “The Throw” feels more like an extension of “Come Save Me” b-side “What’s Love.” Their 60s sunshine electro-pop is turned on its head for a swirling psychedelic dance groove that’s dizzying at 7 minutes in length. “The Throw” becomes trance-like by 4 minutes verging on house music with a strobing beat that hypnotizes and a kaleidoscope of colour it’s an odd sort of ear worm but hard to shake nonetheless.

Promises of a forthcoming album later this year, leave some excitement for future material but for now check out Jagwar Ma’s “The Throw” below.

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