KeshaPop’s party Animal Ke$ha releases a weird and wacky video for her latest single “C’Mon.”

Much like the poptart herself anything goes in “C’Mon” that’s more like a PSA for the affects of mind altering drugs as Kesha and her super furry friends jam to A-tracks in Scooby’s Mystery Machine hitting up the local Max’s Mart for a dance party with cheese doodles and oversized bubble gum. Did we mention the Mystery Machine’s interior decorator is the same one Austin Powers uses? It’s one bad acid trip with rainbow car fumes, magical pinatas and enough strobe lights to make you dizzy. It’s so trashy even Perez Hilton wouldn’t R.S.V.P…. who are we kidding Perez is always down for a good party.

Check out Ke$ha’s “C’Mon” music video below.

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