Broken Social Secne – Forgiveness Rock Record 3.5/5

Five years and a revolving door of band members, Broken Social Scene have reformed, and with yet another line-up change. Forgiveness Rock Record, is for the collective a leaner, more focused, and arguably their most accessible record to date.

The first single “World Sick” is a signature Broken Social Scene crescendo, post-rock anthem. Like all of their previous records, Forgiveness is expansive, from the minimalist “Sentimental X’s” to “Art House Director” a fun, loose rocker, featuring a horn section, the gang sounds like they enjoyed every moment.

“All to All,” is a flourish of cool percussion, Lisa Lobsinger’s sly vocals make it all the more inviting. The standout track is another signature post-rock anthem, “Forced To Love,” alternative radio-ready, slick production, built on a tighter sound, and plenty of energy.

Broken Social Scene is always evolving with a different cast of characters joining its rag-tag collective, but they haven’t lost their touch. Sounding the best they ever had, the crew make some of their best music just doing what they do best… jam sessions.

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