Hannah Georgas – This Is Good 2.5/5

Hannah Georgas walks the thin line between indie-pop and mainstream appeal, like a high wire act. So is the gamble the Vancouver singer is taking with her debut solo record. Indie darling or breakout Canadian star.

This Is Good is a well-constructed pop record, with undeniable energy and charisma, which makes Georgas enjoyable to get to know. The album opener “Chit Chat,” fits in a similar vein to fellow indie singer-songwriter Ingrid Michaelson, ready for its Starbucks/Grey’s Anatomy appearance.

At moments Georgas seems to channel Missy Higgins or Emily Haines of Metric. This Is Good‘s stand-out track is the hooky, Metric-esque “Bang Bang You’re Dead.” It’s an upbeat, radio-friendly song, sprinkled with a little synth and complete with the simple hook chorus as Georgas chants “Bang, Bang you’re dead.”

The bare bones of Hannah Georgas debut are solid and generally enjoyable but the album fails to make a lasting impression. Offering a little bit of everything, it lacks focus, or any sort of signature sound that makes Georgas stand out amongst the hoards of other indie singer-songwriters.

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