Kate Nash – My Best Friend Is You 4/5

Sophomore records are always a true test of an artist’s capabilities, what comes next especially for those whom experience success right out of the gate. For Kate Nash, that seems like a mild footnote. The Brash, wit-driven singer/songwriter, who created pop perfection with “Foundations” in 2007, seems poised to keep us intrigued with every turn.

Equal parts riot grrrl/sassy British pop, My Best Friend Is You is all about Nash spending hours re-discovering classic vinyl and translating her new found muse into biting, well-rounded pop. Both opener “Paris” and “Kiss That Grrrl” are Motown-soul pop, bouncing in all right places and sharp lyrics.

“I Just Love You More,” is a simple guitar hook and vocals, The Slits taught Nash well. “Take Me To A Higher Plane,” taps into the same vein, remaining loose, stripped of heavy production making Nash sound fresh and present on the record. During “Pickpocket” Nash seems to stray into Regina Spektor territory, but still manages with her lovely British accent to sound firmly footed as her own skin.

It’s a vibrant sounding Kate Nash, confident with as much brass as ever. Still quite young at 22, Nash’s vocals feel more experienced, and at home on her sophomore effort, comfortably sitting on the fence between indie and mainstream appeal. It is a pop record, well worth the whirl wind ride.

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