Keane – Night Train EP 2.5/5


Keane’s mini-album finds its moments amongst awkward rap, and a heavy reliance on 80s synth. From the album opener “House Light,” an odd little intro number that feels more out of place the further into Night Train you move. “Back In Time,” feels like a study in Bond theme songs, while “Clear Skies” finds a more comfortable groove for the band.

Then there is Somali-Canadian hip-hop/rap artist, K’Naan, appearing on “Stop For A Minute.” A track that regardless of K’Naan’s less than intriguing verse, hasn’t a hope of feeling the slightest bit progressive, and more an exercise in social conscience. “Looking Back,” K’Naan’s other collaboration on Night Train, misses the mark entirely, a Rocky-theme inspired number is complete camp, without the entertainment value. “Ishin Denshin” is a flat-out odd addition to the EP.

“Your Love” and “My Shadow” are decent tracks, that feel like a natural extension of Perfect Symmetry, welcome breaks from the choppy feel of the album. Night Train finds Keane attempting to step out of the box, only to stumble without a firm footing.

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