V.V. Brown – Travelling Like The Light 4/5


Excuding fierce charisma, and tackling ’50s/’60s retro-soul with enough of a modern spin without turning into a nostalgic act is no small task. Brown’s debut record, Travelling Like The Light is a lesson for many of her counterparts of what real emotion and musical range sounds like.

From the opener “Quick Fix” and it’s thundering drum beats and Brown’s squeal, you know, you’re in for a ride. A hand clapping, ’50s pop-rock thriller, causes a craving for a checkered dancefloor and room to do the twist. Neo-soul on “Leave!” and “Everybody” are pitch perfect.

Even in her more modern moments, like “Game Over” or the heavy hitter single “Shark In The Water,” Brown is still enjoyable and charismatic. The rockabilly “L.O.V.E.” fits like a glove. It’s a wide range of sounds, tightly packaged, rough around the edges that never misses a beat. Its a gutsy record, that pays off for Brown and for the listener.

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