Hannah Georgas – Robotic   3.5/5

Hannah Georgas croons over permeating synth on ‘Robotic’ the Vancouver’s indie pop star’s first official single from her up coming self-titled sophomore album. It’s a bigger yet uncluttered sound featuring Georgas’ glowing vocals it’s worth the listen.

Rah Rah – Art & A Wife   3.5/5

Saskatchewan’s rock collective Rah Rah hit the right note with the guitar-driven rock of ‘Art & A Wife’ with Marshall Burns singing “now I just want a life/full art and a wife…” ah the simple things in life. The galloping rocker fills every available corner of the room and is one of the band’s better singles to date.

Alicia Keys – Girl On Fire (Inferno Version) featuring Nicki Minaj   4/5

Alicia Keys returns with her powerhouse ‘Girl On Fire’ a timely single of female empowerment. A thundering drum beat, simple pianos and Keys’ vocals on full blast singing “this girl is on fire/she’s walkin’ on fire” it’s hard not to be enthralled. The Inferno Mix features a subdued Nicki Minaj that adds no real value and wisely downplays her own presence. Keys has another anthem on her hands.

Aerosmith – Lover Alot   3/5

Offering plenty of gritty swagger Aerosmith’s ‘Lover Alot’ a return to a harder edge, proves these Boston boys still have a little bite. It’s not classic Aerosmith but that’s okay, we’ll take what we can get from the Toxic Twins.

Brandy – Wildest Dreams   2/5

‘Put It Down’ featuring Chris Brown saw the return of the 90s R&B staple Brandy. Now on her second single ‘Wildest Dreams’ Brandy remines 2002’s Full Moon with a focused R&B style earning some points for nostalgia but the feeling is fleeting. ‘Wildest Dreams’ feels more like a dud than a triumphant return for Brandy.

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