Christina Aguilera – Not Myself Tonight 3.5/5

It’s easy in these Gaga-obsessed, dance oriented times to make the easy assumption, that Christina is merely doing what sells, but that would be a mistake. Given Aguilera’s track record for changing her sound and image, it’s par for the course.

Rumours prior to the release of Bionic have suggested collaborations with the likes of Sia, Le Tigre, Santigold just to name a few. If that’s the case “Not Myself Tonight” plays as a tease for better things to come.

“Not Myself Tonight” isn’t Aguilera’s best single to date, but her vocals alone, make it rise above the rest of the dance crazed crop. Tribal house drums, heavy synths, pulsing basslines and Euro-glam appeal, make it stand out from your typical Britney or Gaga groove. It’s Aguilera’s alter-ego, X-tina from her Stripped days all grown-up, baby and all. There’s no denying it’s beat, a sure fire club banger. Christina still commands a crowd and her vocal range has been sorely missed, but it leaves you wanting something more.

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