Robyn: Triple Header

Dancehall Queen 4.5/5

Electronic and reggae, not your standard mash-up but Robyn does it effortlessly, on her Diplo produced track. “I came to dance, not to socialize,” sings Robyn, with such bravado, you can’t help but swagger. Meet feminism, circa Robyn 2010. Few woman particularly, a porcelain skinned, blond haired Swede, can rock a reggae groove, but Robyn runs with the best.

None of Dem feat. Royksopp 4/5

Reuniting with Royksopp “None of Dem” is a dark, bassline thumping, tough track. “None of dem get my sex/none of dem move my intellect,” she scoffs. The girl’s got balls, and you’ll be seriously vibing to this song, that’s somewhere between Beyonce’s “Baby Boy” and Missy Elliott’s “Get UR Freak On.” It’s moody, rough with an electronic groove you can’t deny.

Fembot 4.5/5

“I gotta lotta automatic booty applications,” sings an electric Robyn, “Fembot” is anything but ordinary. Bouncy beats, plenty of electro-pop and whip-smart lyrics, it’s a sensory overload. “Scientifically hot mama,” this is one blond bombshell you couldn’t agree with more. This is what pop music should be, unapologetic, experimental and just damn good fun.

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