Florence + the Machine – Cosmic Love 4.5/5

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Releasing their 6th single from Lungs, Florence + the Machine expose arguably their best song from the album. Tribal drums beat steadily like a heart, with twinkling harps, and Florence Welch’s powerful yet elegant vocals, “Cosmic Love,” is an opus of gorgeous and raw emotion. It’s climax mixed with Welch’s trademark howl, it’s an undeniable song, deserving of the distinction of being the latest and possible greatest single thus far, from Florence and the boys.

Kylie Minogue – All The Lovers 3/5

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Minogue returns with her first single, “All The Lovers.” This elegant electro-dance pop single is a return to form after the more urgent sound of 2007’s X. Dripping with synth, a soaring climax and Kylie’s singature breathy vocals, its dream pop. Not Kylie’s most interesting or exciting we’ve heard, but it fits nicely into pop radio.

Dizzee Rascal – Dirtee Disco 4/5


King of U.K. grime, Dizzee Rascal drops a new single for the re-release of his hit record Tongue ‘N Cheek. “Dirtee Disco” is just that, a disco-infused track, with Rascal’s slick rhymes, a dance floor beat, that will have the party moving. Dizzee Rascal may have strayed from the sound that made him famous but it’s paid off. It’s an enjoyable single, definitely worth a spin.

Kele Okereke – Tenderoni 4/5


Lead singer of Bloc Party, Kele Okereke is stepping out on his own with “Tenderoni,” from his debut record The Boxer. The electronic, synth heavy single is a departure from Kele’s Bloc Party sound. An instant club hit, likely to be found playing above the urinal at your local gay bar. It’s a dance track of the filthiest kind and a good one at that.

The do – Stay (just a little bit more) 4.5/5

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Not a proper single, this Franco-Finnish duo are already indie darlings over seas, “Stay” a track off their debut album, A Mouthful, is a charmer. Perfect for any summer soundtrack starring a ukulele, it’s a light hearted, lyrically sharp-tongued number, impossible not to become hooked on. Olivia Merilathi’s vocals recall a younger P.J. Harvey, and that alone makes it worth a listen.

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