La Roux – “Sexotheque”

Some of the most satisfying pop of 2014. Period.

Lauryn Hill – “Black Rage”

If anyone could capture the narrative around race relations it’s Ms. Lauryn Hill.

Lowell – “Words Were The Wars”

Lowell’s melancholic, ambitious opener builds to a fever pitch before burning out.

Lykke Li – “No Rest For The Wicked”

Melancholia at its best.

Mary J. Blige – “Therapy”

London revived Blige’s career and produced one her best songs to date.

Mr Little Jeans – “Haunted”

Norwegian pop export ditches striking Arcade Fire covers for hook-heavy, guitar laden pop on her debut LP.

Phantogram – “Fall in Love”

Ethereal vocals over faltering grooves build on their enthralling major label debut single.

Phox – “Slow Motion”

A charming debut with the best clarinet solo heard in years.

Prince – “FUNKNROLL”

Prince teaches the kids a thing or two about funk, mixed with is trademark swagger.

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