Trust Hypnotize Toronto

trust_468Toronto’s Trust returned home Tuesday night as part of their recent supporting tour for The Faint. Playing to a sparse crowd at the Sound Academy and flanked by openers Icky Blossoms and headliners The Faint,  Trust were surrounded by two middling bands that were no match for the sound or allure of the Toronto duo. It left me begging the question; Why aren’t Trust the headliners? (more…)


Record Review: Kesha

Warrior   2/5

Kesha’s gin soaked, blunt-force pop has earned legions of fans washing out her mouth with whiskey shots uttering lines like “I’m in crop top like I’m workin’ at hooters.”  The 25 year old’s unapologetic raise a glass and  F#%* off attitude makes Rihanna look grounded, not to mention her sickly sweet pop hooks easily earn Warrior “guilty pleasure” status regardless of the detractors. (more…)