Record Review: No Doubt

 Push and Shove   4/5

No Doubt return 11 years after the infectious album Rock Steady in 2001, a virtual lifetime in the world of pop since the SoCal ska-pop foursome were last seen together the band are back with Push and Shove.

During an extended hiatus which saw Gwen Stefani’s mega successful solo stint, all four band members become parents, guitarist Tom Dumont produce two Matt Costa albums and bassist Tony Kanal collaborate with P!nk, much has change in the pop music landscape. So how does a band who’s last big hit was Talk Talk cover ‘It’s My Life’ in 2003, stack up today? Push and Shove asks just that question and answers it. (more…)


El Mocambo Embraces Suzy Wilde

   Celebrating the release of her self-titled debut EP, Suzy Wilde, embraced friends, family and onlookers during her set at Toronto’s El Mocambo Thursday night. The 26 year old singer-songwriter gave a spirited set kicked off by EP track ‘Flame’ and quickly had the crowd (a healthy number) eating up Wilde’s performance. (more…)


Record Review: Dragonette

Bodyparts   3/5

Dragonette face some growing pains on Bodyparts, the Canadian electro-pop trio’s third album. Known for their energetic electro-pop anthems ‘I Get Around’ and ‘Pick Up the Phone,’ Bodyparts attempts to build on their previous efforts for a more sophisticated pop sound. (more…)


EP Beat: Ms Mr

Candy Bar Creep Show   4.5/5

New York’s anonymous duo Ms Mr pick up where 2011’s Ghost City USA EP left off or rather take from their previous release and add two new hypnotizing tracks. Officially Candy Bar Creep Show is the duo’s debut EP carries over the ever haunting ‘Bones’ and previous favourite ‘Ash Tree Lane.’ (more…)