2013YeahYeahYeahsPressDanMartensen140113“The lo-fi first single is anything but what we expected” 

New York’s art-rock trio the Yeah Yeah Yeahs offer their first full taste of their forthcoming fourth album, Mosquito, due April 15th with the single “Sacrilege.” The lo-fi first single is anything but what we expected from the gang’s hi-fi pop leaning 2009 album It’s Blitz.

Lead vocalist Karen O takes a more muted role, as if to whisper while crawling along the floor with the occasional squawk for contrast. Elsewhere guitarist Nick Zinner scratches fuzzed out guitar chords for a lo-fi affect that sounds like a recording taken at the bottom of a well. Burning at a slow and steady pace “Sacrilege” builds ever so gradually dragging the listener along waiting for that moment of reassurance that this is indeed a Yeah Yeah Yeahs track. Finally an unexpected touch of a gospel choir, Karen O lifts off the restraints into a flurry of lo-fi fuzz. If “Sacrilege” is any indication there’s plenty of noisy, chaotic wonder to be found on Mosquito.

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