zedd-clarity-video-foxesZedd kicks off what promises to be a big year for the Russian-German producer with his climatic single “Clarity” featuring fellow rising star Foxes. The 23 year-old EDM producer’s title track off his debut disc features Foxes using her powerful vocals to their fullest. Featuring Foxes and her beau colliding in a car crash that sends the two hurling to the other side of the world where Foxes is chased through the desert. Meanwhile dozens of images of combustible glass, spheres and shots of Zedd himself appear throughout the clip, none of it really makes a whole lot of sense but really it’s all about the atmospheric anthem.

Co-producer with Max Martin on Justin Bieber’s “Beauty and the Beat” this single is just the beginning for a promising career for Zedd. In the meantime check out the clip below.

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